Drop Shadow

Photo editing is a skill set that has been in use since the invention of photography. Some people edit their photos for fun, while others need to do it professionally. Drop shadow is one type of photo editing used for professional purposes and is primarily created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

photoshop shadow effect can give your photos a whole new look, but it’s surprisingly not easy to accomplish as it seems. As with every other photo editing technique, it requires expertise and creativity, something where Cre8iveSkill can help.

What Is Drop Shadow?

Drop shadow is a graphical effect that creates the illusion of depth by displaying an image, so it appears to be casting a shadow on another, usually lighter background. It gives images more dimension and makes them appear three-dimensional.
The drop shadow is typically created with one color, but it can also add gradients or patterns for further visual interest. Drop shadows generally are used in conjunction with other elements, such as illustrations and logos, image shadow for ecommerce.

Why Go For Drop Shadow?

Drop shadows are often used in logos and graphics to give them more authenticity and attractiveness, especially when placed over light colors like white or yellow. By adding a drop shadow after effect, you can make text or images stand out from the background.
It can make your images more visually appealing and help you create a more substantial visual impact. Drop shadows can make photos look more professional and add interest and dimension to otherwise flat images. It can also be used to create the appearance of movement and visual appeal by adding contrast and depth.

Why Choose Designs Monkey?

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